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Do women masturbate too? Yup.

The series that portray female auto-eroticism

By Giulia Lucci

To what seems to be one of the most embarrassing questions you can ask a woman / girl about her private sex life, we have decided to reveal the definitive answer: yes, women masturbate too, not all of them of course, but they do! They often lie about if to hide behind a sexual taboo imparted by society.

Today's women love to feel free with their body and their sexuality, some more or less reserved women of the twenty-first century feel the need to break down the sexual taboos that have been imposed on them by society for some time now.

The sexual freedom that women seek to obtain has now taken the green light thanks to the inclusion of female autoerotic scenes within films and television series.

Over the years of the film streak there have been many scenes of sex or female nude but if we instead focus on the point of view of female autoeroticism, the scenes are scarce, especially when compared with the male ones.

Sex, in all its nuances, has always been in the “public domain” for men, no taboos nor criticisms directed at men engaged in masturbation. What if a woman does it instead? How does society react? “Sex is a thing for men” this is what I have heard over the years. “Women must be more modest than men”, “Certain speeches are not suitable for a young lady”. As a woman I feel compelled to disagree. Women like sex and also like to talk about it and confide in friends about certain topics.

Fortunately, not everyone thinks the same, as shown by some programs in which a woman's self-eroticism is not hidden. One of the greatest examples we could do is the famous HBO television series in which the protagonists, one in particular (we all imagine who) loves to spend time dedicating it to herself and her pleasure.

In the TV series Sex and the City there’s a great variety, in terms of female masturbation scenes. Like the episode in which Charlotte discovers the delightful friendship of her new bunny friend, or the one in which Miranda scolds the housekeeper for emptying her drawer of delights, or the one in which Samantha fantasizes about her neighborhood's Franciscan friar and masturbates for a two and a half hours.

But there are also other series that have cleared women's sexuality and self-eroticism, such as one of the most recent produced by Netflix: Bridgerton.

Television series set in the distant period of the so-called English Regency, in which women were kept in the dark about any problem that was not strictly related to lace, hems and dancing. Despite this, the female protagonist breaks down all taboos when during the fake courtship with the Duke she lets herself be carried away by thoughts, decidedly not chaste, addressed to the Duke which end in a perfect scene of self pleasure.

Not to mention the Orange is the New Black series which, with naturalness and irony, tackles topics that are still considered uncomfortable. In full line with the spirit of the program, Big Boo, one of the protagonists adapts a screwdriver as a dildo, to be able to “play” by meeting the lack of means imposed by the prison.

These are obviously just some of the programs that have approached this issue with elegance but above all with boldness over the years. I could stay here to list other programs or films in which female self-love is not something to hide, but in the meantime I think these three are enough to answer the question Do women masturbate too?” Yes.