Goodbye Kardashian: a dynasty’s anatomy

Here’s a (not too) serious nostalgic voyage into the show and how it changed our culture. Au revoir, Kardashians, you’ll be missed

By Alessandra Nava

It seems hard to believe, but even Kim Kardashian was once a “friend of”. She used to go out with Paris Hilton, and once appeared in her show back in the early 2000s. She was not at all like the bling-y LA female panorama, populated by skinny blonde Barbies, but a few years later she turned into the beauty role model anyone would love to look like. Her curves, as well as her bold facial features (partially modified by plastic surgery) reshaped the beauty standards of our era, bringing sensuality into the game. 
How did the Kardashians manage to become such rich celebrities? It was all because of momager (she literally bought the name’s copyright) Kris, the ultimate entrepreneur we would all love to be. Her megalomania and her intuition led her to sign a contract with E! to produce a reality show about her daughters, who were all young, sassy and fabulous. Kim was going to be the star, and her sisters soon followed, as if they were the modern princesses of a brand new Calabasas dynasty. 
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The show gifted us some iconic moments, including a few catfights between sisters. The Kardashians are so loved because they are chaotic, sassy, exaggerated and over the top. 
It will all be missed. Kim’s tragic Caribbean accident, involving a pair of expensive diamond earring, as well as Khloé’s jail experience, are probably some of the most memorable moments. We did not only laugh, but we also acknowledged some of the most important steps of the sisters’ lives:  Kim’s magical wedding in Florence, Kourthey’s troubled divorce, Khloé’s pregnancy, as well as Bruce Jenner transitioning to Caitlyn. Their evolution was made of runway shows, shower parties, a plausible future in the White House. 
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Keeping Up with the Kardashians was a precious source of entertainment for the huge audience all over the world, and it also generated millions of memes on the net. The most famous ones are made by @sainthoax, who often used the Kardashians as evergreen means of communication to provide a fun and yet deep social narration. The klan’s the ultimate epitome of the American self-made dynasty, as if they were the Kennedys 2.0. 
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The family says goodbye to the show that led them to success, but it’s clear that Kim&Co. will continue to provide their narration through other channels, be it a Twitch livestream or an IG post. Are they going to reinvent themselves? Are they going to become actresses, writers, lawyers, dancers, or whatever they want? Probably, because that’s what they do. They constantly reinvent themselves to serve us a real show.