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Acrimònia launches its first print edition

(non) ho coraggio: a pilot episode created to test the audience


What does the person who addresses us want to read? What do they want to watch? 

We asked ourselves this question over and over again and decided to launch (non) ho coraggio. A pilot and paper version built with the participation of pens who put their own spin on it, sponsors who believed in the project and people who celebrated the launch with us on Thursday 11 May 2023 at Palazzo Cornalia in Milan. 

What prompted us to launch the project? (non) ho coraggio was born from the desire to expose ourselves at a time in history when arrogance becomes a flag to wave in the name of anachronistic differentiation.

Not only today, but throughout history, people have been measured in their ability to take risky decisions, to run the risk, to show vigour, to resist. The competition has often been who shouts the loudest, and whoever shouts the loudest is by definition the bravestə.

Allora (non) ho coraggio is an attempt to stack the tower of courage with the right not to have any.


Cristina Troisi, Vittoria Abramo, Alessandro Vaghi, Anna Cesario, Cosmina Dobrea, Camilla Poggio, Yasmine Leite de Melo, Alessandro Paparella, Irene Pollini Giolai, Studio Polline, Luca Ravenna, Beatrice Tagliabue, Ilaria Taschini, Benedetta Iusco, Matilde Prestinari, Elisabetta Dall'Olio, Federico Ingemi, Vittoria Morrone, FEM.IN. Cosentine in struggle, Giulia Mossuto, Camilla Alcini, Paolo Ruffato, Arianna Tarabù, Francesca Parravicini

Thanks to:

Revlon, Icon Denim, Heedra, Palazzo Cornalia, Valeria Iotti.

The magazine is available at Acrimònia: Via Francesco Caracciolo 90/A, 20155 Milan.