Acrimònia and LaVue Milano tell the New Balance 608

The sneaker jewel that becomes a dream

By acrimonia

The most precious thing that each of us has is dreams. Acrimònia meets LaVue Milano and, thus, the #dreamiwannabe idea is born. The two choose to interpret the New Balance 608. On the one hand the daily flavor of a comfortable shoe, on the other the jewel that accompanies it, the dream that follows it, the goal that reaches it. The sneaker jewel becomes, therefore, an ornament and at the same time an integral part of a shoe that wants to simultaneously embody the combination of reality and dream.

#dreamiwannabe is the universe of five talents, and of anyone who wants to feel part of it, who aspire to achieve their goals. Beatrice Isabella, Gianluca Tamantini, Evelin Mazzaro, Vittorio Valigi and Beatrice Galeazzo wore the jewel shoe, made it their own and told through their language. Each of them then expressed their desire.

The New Balance 608 embellished with LaVue Milano jewels will be celebrated exclusively in Milan on September 19th at 6.30pm at Aw Lab Store, Via Torino 22. Come and tell us your dream accompanied by Cristina Lazic's DJ set! REGISTER HERE!