Acrimònia Christmas Gift Guide #1

I regali di Natale consigliati da noi

By acrimonia

Ok. The time has come to address the moment of Christmas gifts. An argument that sees two completely opposite factions enter into a choice that could establish the fate of the relationship in question (of course, we are joking!). But the truth is that there are those who cannot wait to go down the shopping streets and buy ribbons, wrapping paper and cards and those who, instead, the idea of ​​having to make a gift is completely assaulted by anxiety and indecision.

For this last category, us of Acrimònia, we hope to be able to give an advice, thanks to our Christmas Gift Guide #1. Ready?

BY FAR - Rachel bag e Miranda bag

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🐎🐎MIRANDA🐎🐎 | 📷 @theresamarx styled @samiagiobellina

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The BY FAR models Rachel and Miranda are more or less suitable for every kind of girl. The simple and clean silhouette allows the bags to be combined with any type of look. Will the material or pattern of which the model will be made to define the character of who will receive this gift?

Gucci - Mémoire d'une Odeur

Although it’s something highly personal, a fragrance can be a solution to the uncertainty of Christmas gifts. One of the ones we appreciated most among the latest releases is Mémoire d'une Odeur by Gucci. To conquer us was (inevitably) the bottle with a vintage allure (it looks like one of those scents in mum's bathroom shelf 20 years ago) and the communication manned by Harry Styles. Obviously, we also like the perfume! Try it and decide if you need to ask for a gift packaging :)

Lil Milano - Balmy Necklace

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Better wear sunglasses when looking at #LILGirls ✨

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The founder of the Milanese jewelery brand, Veronica Varetta, revealed that the idea of ​​the Balmy necklace (if you prefer you also find the ring and anklet) came to her after she found a necklace from her grandmother. The accessory, suitable for all the bon ton girls and with the holy picture of Blair Waldorf above the headboard of the bed, is made with freshwater pearls. The detail that makes it unique is a gold "pearl" among white pearls. Each Balmy Necklace is different from the other, depending, in fact, on the shape of the pearls (by nature never the same) and on the assembly. So is each Balmy Necklace unique, as a better metaphor for expressing this concept even to the recipient of the thought?

Miu Miu - Hair accessories

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Shifting Viewpoints: an off-kilter stillness. @RubeyVhemert in #MiuMiuFW19 and iconic #MiuMiuJewels. Discover the new photographic series by @Senta.Simond and @LottaVolkova via link in bio.

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We have always loved the Miu Miu headbands, but this season the Prada group brand has really surpassed itself, offering us an infinite variety of hair accessories. From rubber bands with pendants to clips with velvet bow. Only for true "good girls" who want to sit by the fireplace and want to listen an entire playlist of Christmas songs, sipping tea.

Beauty Fridge - Mini fridge for skincare products

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Prevent your beauty products from going off this summer with a @beautyfridge 💕 Keeps your products cool to extend shelf life and prevent bacteria growth 🙌🏻 Now 20% OFF with our Cyber Sale 🤑

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For true, true, authentic skincare lovers there is only one fundamental accessory: the mini fridge to best preserve the products and their qualities. From the irresistible appeal, the refrigerator for cosmetics (already very popular in Korea) is ready to invade the bathrooms of all Italian beauty victims. We are ready, and we have already made some space on the shelf.

Hoping to be successful in clarifying your ideas, we look forward to seeing you at the Acrimònia Christmas Gift Guide #2!