5 ECO-FRIENDLY brands to discover in October

From jewels to single-colored jumpsuits

By Margherita Verdiani

October is officially the head of autumn but also a return to the sacrosanct routines and for the latter I intend to spend evenings plumbing the internet in search of the hottest pieces (with the lowest prices) to face the winter. You already know this column and I certainly don't want to disappoint you.

So let's go to the 5 eco-sustainable brands of October:

Proem Parades 

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All love for this lady 🌾 @fredesblog

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Based in Copenhagen by two young women in 2019, Proem Parades embodies the perfect scandi style. It's a clothing brand of which - personally - I want everything, in this case the Uma sweater is already in the cart. Their website is simple and next to the e-shop you find the 'planet' section where they explain in detail the process of the product, ça va sans dire, sustainable. For the curios one: the two designer answer a really inspirational Q&A that if you're in doubt of the purchase this is the final blow to your bank account.


I know that we OBVIOUSLY already talk about the FENTY SKIN launch, the skincare line of the beauty brand founded by Rihanna. Riri doesn't need praise and recognition in terms of inclusivity and body positivity 'cause she's the queen (i'm at the 3rd rewatch of the savageXfenty show) BUT do you know that the new line, only three multi-use pieces, has clean ingredients, less packaging made of recycled materials and suitable for refill? I am one step away from tattooing me the 4'r': reduce reuse recycled RIHANNA. An applause to our Robyn, who puzzles me even when she wash her face.

Isa Boulder 

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Magical girls 🧚‍♀️ AW20

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I recently discover the existance of Isa Boulder, a womenswear brand sexy, hyper-feminine, retrò. Immediately we feel the strong identity the brand gave to its ideal woman, consciously proud of herself and fiercely wearing the 'don't give a shit' face. Isa boulder produces in an ethic way from local artisans in Bali, where the creative team is based, using ancient technique handed down from generation to generation. On their Ig profile is possible to peek the preview of the new knitwear collection and calling it 'cool' is definitely an understatement.

Gabrielle Valenti 

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Tourmaline 💚, cloud☁️, stars⭐️and snakes🐍. On the hand of artist @kianjastrobert . Background , detail of one of her 🤯 pieces.

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High quality jewelry by definition cannot be sustainable. In order to be extracted, gold needs toxic chemicals that are dangerous for the entire eco system. That's why Gabrielle Valenti, from NYC, prefers recycled gold, melting it and setting precious stones. Never underestimated these little independent brand like this one, offering us original creations, an unicum and not another copy. Gabrielle creates and sells in small niche stores in NYC where a silk scrunchie is close to 60$, and this, my dear, bodes well.

Colorful Standard 

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Organic Cotton. No logos. 38 colors.

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The peace of mind I feel when watching the Colorful Standard website behind only the moment when I accept the grade of an exam from 27 upwards. Portuguese brand, bio and super colorful that exclusively produces basic suits. The website has a systematic organization that reflects the minimalism of the pieces themselves: no logo, no accessories, no details, no nothing. Sustainability and ethical production were deeply described and if you don't want to cry PLEASE don't open the 'Charity' section, you're welcome.