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The 5 ECO-FRIENDLY brands of the month

Each of us can do our part

By Margherita Verdiani

Talking about the environmental sustainability will never be enough until the wisteria blooms in the 'normal' 20° mid-February. The expression “good or bad, as long as you talk about it” it's half-true my dear Oscar, because if it's undeniable the benefit -not personal- that derives from those who, expertly, know how to raise awareness on the subject, it's also demonstrated how bad information can overturn the situation (many thanks Borghese for the reference).

Set this properly, there is no need for a degree in this matter to be able to spread advices and interesting ideas to be concerned about, what is necessary is the information, which is precisesly the reason why we are here. We will try to offer you once a month -or so- 5 brands we like and whose products are the result of a health process, work ethically, bio, veg or low environmental impact products, at km0, reusable or zerowaste. Briefly defined as 'the 5 ECO-FRIENDLY brands of the month', fashion, beauty, food or design brand, with our proposals we aim to suggest you brands that are currently more carefull and, without any claim, to strengthen the environmental education that the planet needs today.

House of Sunny

Women's clothing brand, founded in 2011 by the english Sunny Williams. Unique pieces that stand between vintage and bon ton style, highest quality. The brand's team is proud to produce small sustainable collections, acting against fast fashion. They dedicate much time researching fine and sustainable fabrics and ethic production methods. Aware of their environmental impact (they do not use fur, leather and skins), there is also a great attention to reduce waste, using leftover materials to create accessories, labels and tags.

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(BEST CARDI IVE EVER SEEN?!) ☀️ @annasarlvit in the DAY TRIPPER #HOUSEOFSUNNY #roadtrippin with us in paris #Myhouseofsunny

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Honieh Beauty

A new beauty brand founded by Erika Boldrin. The brand's purpose is pushing us following a natural skincare routine, avoiding toxic and harmful substances that will compromise your personal well-being. Furthermore, following an eco-friendly cosmetic you won't treat just yourself, but you'll safeguard your surroundings, in fact, the packaging is often made of recycled material and in turn recyclable.

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Hi girls, i’m SOFT CLOUD and i’ll be your new best friend: in the morning to start your day, in the evening to dissolve away make-up and grime. #HoniehBeauty #WeBelieveInYourSkin

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Apepak's beeswax film, an italian company formed by Massimo and his wife Molly: many reusable wraps for storing food in the fridge. The movement of the brand stems from the desire to change the disposable culture -especially in the kitchen- embracing the power of reuse and zerowaste, reducing plastic to a minimim, protecting honeybees and supporting social inclusion, giving work to people with disabilities and psycho-social problems. Apepak is a precious company.

Licia Florio

Licia is a girl who 10 years ago revolutionized her life dedicating herself, body and soul, in a project that bears her name, focusing on artistic passion, quality objects, ethic and sustainability. Beautiful its vegan, toxic-free and cruelty-free nail polishes and the philosophy behind it “take a moment for youself and enjoy it” as well as the sport suits (Licia meditates a lot) made with 100% recycled fabrics. All Licia's products are made in Italy.

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The Maron bra 🤎

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German brand founded by Lisa, her sign on the web, that produces the most beautiful bottles currently on the market. With a minimal and modern design, the water bottles are made of silicone-coated glass, in many different shades and in three sizes (850, 500 and 250 ml), dishwasher safe and infinitely reusable. They ship worldwide (pay attention to shipping charges). On the site you'll find the beautiful story of Lisa and why she carried out this incredible project.

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Current water situation: pink grapefruit, basil 🌿 and lime - repeat 💚💚💚 . #beVIVID #skinfirst #naturalglowingskin #behydrated #beVIVID #drinkmorewater #goodhabitsmatter #healthylife #saynotoplastic . . . . Say yes to a healthier you. Carrying along your favorite #glassbottle is the easiest way to #stayhydrated #onthego and enjoy #healthyskin. . Help support a #plasticfree always 🌱 and #saynotosingleuseplastic 🌍 #substainableliving 🌳 #noplanetb #watertastesbetterwithoutplastic 🌊 #wassertrinken #glasflasche #glasstattplastik #nachhaltigkeit #wenigerplastik #gesundtrinken #lieblingsflasche #immerdabei *Ad*Werbung*selfpaid*

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“A small gesture for a man, a great gesture for humanity” (semi-cit.). The most abused and dislike rhetoric is appropriate today and encourage us to smartly choose our purchases, 'cause even an individual, with a tiny gesture, can make a big difference.