5 ECO-FRIENDLY brands to discover in June

From meat-not-meat to sustainable jeans

By Margherita Verdiani

New month, new brands, old good habits. We are in the middle of a June that exemplifies climate change in a perfect way, even Greta has left the scene (no, that's not the truth Greta don't go we need you!!!). Buying responsibly is our moral duty and it requires an effort to look for 'healthy' products, just to be nice to our Earth, our Mother Nature.

At Acrimònia we had promised you a monthly appointment where we share a list of super cool and green brands. We honor our commitments by proposing 5 small and medium size companies:


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Il nostro animo si sazia del dolce nettare della Vaniglia che mette il cuore a riposo. Al contempo, il Limone risveglia lo spirito e illumina il sorriso. . 👉 Fino a stasera 10% di sconto su tutti i prodotti Nuvola di Crema, link in bio __________________________ #olioessenziale #olfattiva #essentialoil #essentialoilsrock #aromatherapy #aromaterapia #greenvibe #organic #bio #cosmetics #organicbeauty #prodottinaturali #greenbeauty #biocosmesi #profumeriabotanica #green #vegan #crueltyfree #biologico#cosmeticibio #oliessenzialipuri #oliessenzialinaturali #oliessenzialiterapeutici #profumeriaartigianale #limone #vaniglia #cremapasticcera #cremadellanonna

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Olfattiva's creed is to pursue a need of purity and simplicity for the well-being of a human being and the environment that surrounds him. They made 100% natural botanical perfumes and aromatherapy products. Vegan, tested on human volunteers (and really fragrant, they said), and entirely handcrafted in Romagna. Olfattiva has this clear and friendly social communication that reveals however how much they care about their products. Tip: a tiny perfume spray of “Nuvola di crema” on your pillow before sleeping and for sure you'll dream about your granny making lemon pie.

Beyond Meat

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Pro tip: wake them up with this Beyond Breakfast Burrito in the morning. ________________________ ⁣⁣Full recipe - link in bio.

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The intensive farming and slaughtering are one of the many causes that contribute to polluting the Earth's soil. Beyond Meat is a company based in LA that has taken this problem since 2009, they created a product that wants to go, yes, beyond meat: burger, beef and sausages entirely vegan. The continuous research and the meticulous analyzes behind this meat-not-meat has allowed it to expand very quickly on an international level (find your local reseller store). Let's go beyond!


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Did you know that the buttons and rivets on your current jeans cannot be recycled? Although they seem to be made of metal, the fact that different kind of alloys are being used makes them impossible to separate and to give them a next purpose. That's why we at HNST decided to embroider the rivets of our jeans and develop removable buttons. That way the entire HNST jeans can be recycled while the buttons can have a next life as button. . . . #circulareconomy #circularfashion #ikkoopbelgisch #closetheloop #reduce #reuse #recycle #zerowaste #sustainablefashion #sustainability #fairfashion #denimlovers #sustainablejeans #ethicalfashion #fashionrevolution #jeans #denim #rebelwithacause #letsbeHNST #youcanhandlethetruth

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Honest is the achievement of Tom Duhoux's green dream, he is a young Belgian entrepreneur, who has thrown himself into this ambitious, and really honest, project aimed to creating a sustainable jeans. The process is analyzed in detail on the website, and, of course, they cannot lie about it. The last part of the production takes place in Italy, where they can mantein high quality at reduced costs. Tip: Never wash your raw denim. On their website you can find the “Morning After Spray” to kill the bacteria and remove the smell. Everything in the most eco-friendly way possible.

SWYPE cosmetics.

Berlin company of beauty products. A smart and on point social communication, the philosophy behind the brand would be successfull all by itself, but no: vegan products, cruelty-free, a basic, pocket-size and functional design packaging. A funny and graphically beautiful website. We cannot find a defect, will the shipping cost be? Try it and let us know.


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LOVE 💛🌈 our eco colours on Hannah by @nastassiabruckin styled by @anatovar_s from the distance and assisted by Mathilde xxx

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Wonderful brand of fine knitwear since 2012. The idea comes from a Spanish family that cares about what produce and how to produce: they perfectly reflect the purist philosophy of 100% natural fabrics, you won't find any traces of acrylic and polyester. High quality wool and yard, designed in soft and oversize fit, destinated to last a lifetime. Investing in long-lasting and timeless product is certainly the greenest choice you could possibily make, and Babaà is the perfect brand to focus on.