5 things Greta Thunberg taught us for 2020

From the vintage dresses to the bicycle

By Alessandra Nava

The great Greta Thunberg, freshly designated as “Person of the Year” by Time Magazine, still has a long glorious career as an activist in front of her. Thunberg’s prestigious title could only be defined as well-deserved, considered how she influenced, more or less, every person’s life.

Here’s a short ironic/serious list of five precious lessons for 2020, supplied by the one and only Greta Thunberg:


Roaring 20s? More like reusing, recycling 20s! The fast fashion clothes industry is heavily responsible for the CO2 emissions and the consequent greenhouse effect. It is finally time to become more conscious about what we buy&wear. Nowadays vintage shopping is not just for devoted amateurs, but for everyone who feels committed to an environmental and conscious choice. We do suggest the IG account @maert.ens, run by a Milan-based girl who has a real passion for vintage. Through her posts and stories anyone can definitely become a vintage hunter.

Sweet outside, shady inside

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"You must do the impossible. Because giving up can never ever be an option." My full speech from the US Congress in print in The Independent. Link in bio!!

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The sweet little Swedish activist has actually an iron-lady personality, unbothered by the haters and always focused on what matters. She was even capable of mocking Donald Trump. The US President, clearly jealous of Greta’s recent winning as “Person on the Year”, tweeted a series of very unsolicited considerations, defining her as a “teenage with an anger management problem”. A few hours later, Greta herself changed her Twitter bio by copying and pasting the insulting Trump’s tweets. The shade is real. Let’s be inspired by Greta’s diplomacy, a perfect mixture of humor and boldness.

Flowers and prairie dresses

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Just for you. An inside look backstage at @angelcandices and @doutzen before the #MaxMaraSS20 runway show begins. #MFW

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Want to feel even more in touch with nature? Do it with your clothes! It is finally time to rock a bunch of prairie dresses, which are all about cute flowery prints and very hippy skirts, as Dior wants. Go for a couple of very chic braids (MaxMara recently showed them on its runway as well), and buy a lot of flowers, as if you are the protagonist of Prada’s last dreamy campaign.


New year, new me! It is finally time to rethink about the place you live in, and all the things that surround you. Are they all necessary? Let yourselves be inspired by the Netflix documentary “Minimalism - A Documentary about the Important Things”, and by Greta of course. She crossed the Atlantic Ocean twice, carrying with herself just a bunch of useful stuff. It is finally time for a good decluttering, also keeping in mind Chanel precious words: less is more.

I want to ride my bicycle

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Christmas time is about a cozy, chilled and laid-back atmosphere. But in a few days it will finally be time to go back to business. Instead of a boring/basic gym membership, why not investing on a cool bicycle, or at least a bike sharing subscription? Taken all of the physical/economical benefits into account, bicycle are also incredibly chic. It is the perfect excuse to buy a nice fake fur and pedal like Kendall Jenner (Kendall please, this year no more fur).