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23 St Beauty: a chat with the founder of the platform dedicated to sustainable beauty

Taking care of yourself and the planet is a duty


There is a sustainable way to take care of your person. There is the possibility of not screaming at consumerism, of not buying cosmetics because they are fashionable. It is possible that one's personal charms and non-personal charms respect the planet.

Precisely for this reason I had the pleasure of meeting Costanza, who, a stone's throw from Milan, have created her own reality that is the bearer of these very important values for the future: 23 St Beauty.

I don't want to anticipate anything... read our interview!

How was the idea born?

23 St Beauty was born from the idea of supporting natural beauty in a sustainable way, without any compromise.

The intention was to create an online platform that could become a real Italian reference point in the Clean Beauty panorama, to guide people towards a more conscious purchase, that is, more aware. Our claim is: Cosm-ethics. Safe. Natural. Effective.

Why did you decide to enter such a saturated market? What are you different from your competitors?

The strength of 23 St Beauty is research. We present a selection of independent beauty brands from all over the world, often exclusively in Italy on our site. Moreover, thanks to our Skin Test it is possible to create a personalized skincare routine in a few clicks, which responds in a targeted way to the needs of each client.

We not only guarantee a transparent and unique shopping experience but we also minimize our impact on the planet, thanks to our 100% green & plastic-free shipments.

How do you choose the brands to be included in your e-commerce? What characteristics should they possess?

We only select brands that share the same philosophy of sustainable development and the same ethical values. The formulations must be cruelty-free and planet-friendly, with packaging in eco-friendly materials and organic natural ingredients.

We like to study the history behind the brand, talk to those who founded it and personally try the products to test their effectiveness, textures and fragrances.

We favor small indie beauty brands with artisanal production, in small batches, to guarantee fresh products and a more sustainable supply chain.
Many of our brands also support non-profit organizations, which work for the protection of the environment and animals.

What was the first brand you chose? How do you remember the first steps?

The very first brand we selected was Fi-ne, a German brand of natural, vegan & gluten free products, with an innovative design.
In 2019 it was still an unknown reality in Italy and we immediately loved the minimal image of the brand combined with the important sustainable philosophy on which it was founded.

Is there an episode in your journey that you consider fundamental for the current arrival point?

Our travels to New York have certainly inspired us tremendously in many ways. The name of the site itself - 23 St - is loosely based on the 23rd Street subway.

NYC is a living, avant-garde city that changes and transforms continuously and has led us to discover a new way of experiencing beauty.

What will your next steps be?

Continue to search for brands that are still unknown in Italy and grow with them. We would also like to expand the Lifestyle & Wellness category to promote an all-round sustainable lifestyle.

23 St Beauty and Acrimònia? Can we define the will to break the rules as common?

Absolutely yes. This historical period is represented by change, the desire to know more and be more aware.
As far as we are concerned, it is time to take a position in favor of our planet, protect it and respect it every day, in our everyday life.

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Credit Images: 23 St Beauty