10 make-up mistakes to avoid according to Elisa Grasso

Well yes, the plague of make-up mistakes is constantly expanding and we must stop it

By Elisa Grasso

Tell me how you wear makeup and I'll tell you how to never do it again in life. Disclaimer: make-up errors or not, everyone is free to put on their makeup as they prefer, to express themselves as they prefer and we will all continue to love each other. But no lipstick on his teeth, he doesn't love you!

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Che fai quando ti annoi? Ecco qua nuovo #makeup tutorial sul canale

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Make-up errors are infinite, today we see ten of them together. And no, in 2020 I'm not going to talk about foundation color yet.

Concealer too light

Yes, of course, the corrector is used to correct dyschromia and to illuminate the areas of the face that need it, but choosing it too light will result in a disastrous result. Better to stay on one / two shades less than the foundation color, always making a test first and blending the product well.

Powder with flashback effect

Here I would only need to say "Angelina Jolie", but like her there have been other celebrities victims of the ghost effect on the most photographed red carpets ever. Who knows what happened to those poor make-up artists.

Eyebrows too marked

Here it could also be a matter of taste, but in general it is always better not to twist the eyebrows with too sharp strokes and too dark colors. The result could arouse the gaze and stiffen the facial features.

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Dust not blended properly

Come on, it does not take anything to blend the earth well, illuminating, blush and bronzer. Just take a little product at a time, blend and if necessary stratify gradually. The patches of color on the face are not very nice to look at!

Earth applied in the wrong place

Badly applying the earth can really change the proportions and shadows of the face. The ideal would be to emphasize the cheekbone following its natural line, starting from the hairline near the ear and blending a lot. Blending well is really essential. I always say "nuance".

Too too enlightening

It doesn't seem true to me that she is saying such a thing, yet sometimes exceeding with the highlighter can highlight the skin texture or make you look like the comet star after a 30 km marathon.

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*resting bitch face* anche se sono un agnellino

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Too rich foundation on combination/oily skin and too dry foundation on dry skin

Choose the foundation formula that best suits your skin type, ask for samples and testals.

Eyeliner/pencil that breaks the eye

This is indeed a very common mistake that I still don't understand. Why are there those who apply the pencil or eyeliner up to half the eye? Why make these thick and clear lines up to the corner of the eye without lengthening or blending them outwards? Why???

Mascara spots on the eyelids

It is well known that putting mascara without staining is almost impossible, but taking a cotton swab or a brush and removing the specks (wait for them to dry, you will avoid staining yourself even more) is very simple and the look will be brighter and cleaner.

Lipstick on the teeth

Come on, here we can also understand each other without adding anything right?

Let's act like good people: when someone we know has lipstick on their teeth, let's say it in their ears, with a message on whatsapp or as we see fit. But let's face it, ALWAYS!